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Digital Product Design (UI/UX)

I am open for any freelance product design projects. With my academic knowledge of UX and years of experience, I design aesthetically pleasing, user centered interfaces for a better experience with digital products.

Please note that in order to estimate all product related projects (UI, UX, etc.) I require brief information regarding how I could be of help, the project, it’s goal, users, etc.

It is recommended for you to contact me via email and kindly include a brief (or RFP) for such projects.

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Brand Identity Design

Collaborating with well-known businesses, I have designed identity solutions for brands that need seamless visual communication with their audience.

Working an identity design project requires brief business information. You could either fill out a form or contact me via email and include basic information (industry, size, etc.) regarding your business.

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Consulting & Coffee

I provide free 15-minute sessions to talk about issues you need solved and how I could be of help. More in depth hourly-billed consult is also available.

You can also contact me for non-business friendly chat, grabbing coffee or anything else you think I could help you with.

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