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Frequent Questions

A brand’s identity, or brand image is the collection of visual and non-visual elements, thoughts and experiences that occur to people’s mind when they think of a certain brand.

Visual elements of brand image or brand’s “Visual Identity” is what could be planned and designed by a professional. If your brand was a person, it’s visual identity would be their clothes.

A brand’s visual identity largely impacts the brand image on their customers’ mind. Brand image is vital to a business’ growth therefore most of the biggest brand’s in the world have invested considerable amounts on their visual identity design.

A Brand Identity Package includes logo, typeface, colors, brand pattern and usage guidelines as a brand booklet.

The 7-step identity design process including information gathering, target market and business research, information processing, ideation, design, receiving feedback and redesign typically takes 15 days to a month.

The importance of visual identity and it’s impact on brand image, requires a  flawless and ordered design process which indeed requires expertise, time and energy.

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